Lot of people think that freediving is only for a select group of "supermen" with 8 or more gallons of lung volume ... Yes, to be fit and have a larger lung capacity is an advantage, but not a prerequisite for dived into 20 m depths or swam 75 meters on one breath and enjoy all the beauty hidden below the water surface. You can basically say that it's a sport for everyone.


APNEAMAN STATIC CHALLENGE IN AQUAPALACE PRAGUE is a unique event that takes place in the Czech Republic for the first time. Athletes will be competing in the discipline of static apnea with modified rules specifically for this event.


More about the rules below.


STATIC APNEA (STA) is a  freediving pool discipline. The diver underwater trying to hold your breath as long as possible in a resting position. Measure the maximum time achieved by the athlete.


Rules for Static Challenge

  • Freediver must have submerged entire body and static apnea must be conducted at a depth of 4 meters (assistance rope will be prepared)

  • Warm up is permitted only on land

  • Any equipment is not allowed (only swimwear)

  • Start will be two by two

  • Between the starts will be 12 minutes

  • The athletes starting time will be selected randomly

  • Best six athletes progressing to the finals

  • In the finals will be start two by two again

  • After resurfacing competitor must make the protocol within 15 seconds, visibly indicate signal OK and clearly say 'I am ok "to referee. Protocol starts with resurfacing airways.