Rules for Static Challenge in Aquapalace Prague


Two competitors will start head to head

There will be two competition buoys (red and yellow) which will be fixed to the bottom and positioned one meter from the pool edge

The competition and warm up zones will be marked off

There will be only a dry warm-up zone, warm up in the water will be enabled only 3 minutes before official top

The official top will be randomly selected and each athlete will be notified 12 minutes before his/her start

The interval between official top times will be 12 minutes

The following countdown will be conducted in English: 2:00, 1:30, 1:00, 00:30, 00:20, 00:10, 00:05, 00:04, 00:03, 00:02, 00:01, OT (official top), 00:01, 00:02, 00:03, 00:04, 00:05, 00:10.

Start by jumping is not allowed

The competitor has to start the dive within the time window of 10 seconds after official top

Before the start, the competitor can use the buoy or rope as a support

The dive time will be measured when the last part of the competitors body will be submerged

Competitors cannot disturb each other during their performances

During the attempt, which takes place at 4 meter depth, the competitor has to be completely submerged

The competitor can secure him/ herself to the rope at 4m depth with his/her leg or arm

No equipment besides a swimsuit is allowed

When the competitor starts to ascend from the 4m depth, he/she has to surface within 30 seconds

The end of the dive will be recognized once any part of competitors body will be surfaced

After resurfacing, the competitor has 15.0 seconds to perform the Surface Protocol (SP). The SP starts when the competitor gives one visible OK-sign to the judge and then gives one verbal OK sign to the judge by saying „I’m OK“ or „I am OK“. As soon as the SP starts, no extra signals are allowed.