Partners and prices

03/11/2016 22:08

This year, the athletes Apneaman Static Challenge can look forward to great financial and other prizes from the partners of the event. One of the main partners is Aquapalace Praha -, which not only provide facilities diving pit, but also a major cash prizes for the winners.

The prize for the overall winner - women / men

1st place 1.000 Euro

2nd place 700 Euro

3rd place 400 Euro


Next partner for Apneaman Static Challenge is Salvimar and Fluyd


For the overall winner, we have prepared the following prizes:


No. 1 fin Fibra 151


No. 1 wetsuit zeero

No. 1 wetsuit pure swim

We will also announce the first three places women and men separately, and here athletes can look forward to next prizes from Salvimar and Fluyd.